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              HEZE KAYI WOOD CO.,LTD
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            We imported production technology and also machinery from Germany, with about 58,000 square meters of facility,more than 40 workers, to produce OSB board of Package Grade,Construction Grade and Furniture Grade. ur company and our products have passed the CQC product certificationISO9001 Quality System Certification,ISO14001 Environment System, Certification ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety System and CE Certification.
            Advantage of OSB board:
            1.Environment friendly :
            The density of OSB board is over 600kgs/cbm, but density of common plywood is only 500kgs/cbm. Because the pressure of OSB board is more higher than pressure of plywood about 50%, and OSB board only need about 65% of glue due to common plywood.So OSB board have its own nature feature of low glue content,high density and better nature feature.
            The strength of OSB board is more higher than common plywood, it can bear very more pressure than plywood.It is good to be used for furniture and construction.
            3.Good nail-holding ability:
            Especially to use screw, it is very good nail-holding ability displayed on it,but for plywood,there will be space occured during usage of furniture,and it can not hold nail well any more.
            OSB boards we produce have high quality and lower prices, they have very high competitive nature in both sides in China or all over the world, we are still supplying OSB board to many countries from America,Europe,Mid-east,Africa,Asia and Oceania.
            Welcome friends all over the world come to visit and build up long term business relationship with us.


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